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Are you sure your house is safe from electrical fires caused by faulty electrical outlets and outdated appliances? Are you okay that there could be no electric shocks that may cause serious injuries or death? Do you enjoy staying at home with all your electrical systems fully maintained in such a way that there will be no electrical circuits overloads, ignition of flammable equipment, electric shocks, fires, or overheating?

If your house is having these problems or is likely to experience them because of poor electric maintenance, it’s not something that you can take lightly. Your electrical systems need to be fully maintained and its facilities should be preserved in a way that they can run smoothly and you can have a safe environment around your house. If you experience; – Flickering lights – Equipment sparking – Power loss – Electric shock – Burnt smell – Blown fuses etc. It is a sign that your house needs electrical maintenance services. Save yourself, your family, and your house now! Get reliable electrical maintenance services at a reasonable cost. The following are the electrical maintenance services that we provide; * Electrical troubleshooting and faults inspection * Surge protection * Lighting system inspection * Electrical material fittings, appliances, and devices like electrical oven, power points, hot water systems, etc. * Wiring distributions and terminations * Correcting and installing smoke Alarms We are a fully licensed and insured electrical installation company dedicated to providing reliable electrical maintenance services. Book us now and we will send a technician right to your door.

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