Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

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Switchboards contain electrical panels which distribute power from one or more sources of power supply to another source and transmit them across different devices in your house. It is a major component to be installed and it even carries out a controlling function and acts as a protective device for the power system in your house. Many houses in Australia have outdated switchboards and do not meet Australian Standards (AS3000).

If you experience any of the following, then it is a sign that you might need to upgrade your switchboard; – Flickering Lights – Burning smell – Sparks – Melted fuse – Short circuit  

How much is the switchboard upgrade cost? The cost of a switchboard upgrade, in general, will cost around $900 – $1300. This wouldn’t include any extras such as service disconnections or Level 2 Electrician work. There are other extras you may need as part of your switchboard upgrade which can be replacing the asbestos back panel, metering work, and upgrading your consumer mains. A rough price guide for a straight panel, metering work, and upgrading your consumer mains. – Up to 5 circuits/poles – $900 – Up to 10 circuits/poles – $1100 – Up to 15 circuits/poles – $1500 Keep in mind that three phases power = 3 poles To get an exact price for the cost of a switchboard upgrade you can request a free quote. When upgrading your switchboard you will need a trusted Level 2 Electrician to do the job – that’s us! Whether it is an old asbestos switchboard, wooden-backed switchboard (major fire hazard), you need safety switches installed, or you want a three-phase upgrade, the team at Better Electricians is here for you.

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