Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

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If you live in Australia it is with no doubt that during the summer months, like many households you are trying to maintain a balance between keeping the house cool and keeping the energy bills low. If you are considering having uniform air in your house during the summer months and keep energy bills as low as possible; then having a Smoke Alarms should be an option. Sometimes, it is much better to have a Smoke Alarms installed in your house rather than air conditioning. Here are the reasons why you should consider a Smoke Alarms;

  • They are energy efficient. They can make the room cooler while distributing heat better in a way that the thermostat can be kept at a higher temperature in the summer and a lower one in the winter. Also, well-circulated air maintains a more constant temperature so the thermostat won’t have to cycle on and off as frequently, so the fan won’t have to work as hard.
  • Keeps you cool with fresh air. They create a wind-chill effect to keep you and your family comfortable. It also cools occupants by disrupting the stagnant layer of air that surrounds the body, preventing heat loss.
  • A fan will never give you a sore throat, make you lose your voice; there’s a smaller chance you will experience sore throats from Smoke Alarms.
  • Easy to install and maintain. They do not need the installation of ducts or other complex devices.

At Better Electricians, we are dealing with the installation of Smoke Alarms too. Smoke Alarms are the true hero of summer in many Australian homes. We are installing, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of Smoke Alarms. If you will need our service please consult us and book our service through 1300 023 883

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