Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

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You are smart. Isn’t it weird that you got struck by lightning, in your own house? Do you know, about 2000 people are killed worldwide by lightning each year and hundreds more survive strikes but suffer from a variety of lasting symptoms including memory loss and other life-altering ailments? In a nutshell, the following are the side effects of a house with no lightning protection; – It can easily fracture and blow apart concrete, brick, and stone – It can lead to electrical fires – It can lead to death or severe injuries – It can lead to electrocution

You need properly installed lightning protection because it acts as a safeguard by protecting the house against lightning and its associated effects. Most of the property losses could be minimised through the implementation of proper lightning protection for structures. We can help you decide what level of lightning protection is required for your building. Lightning protection is needed to protect personnel within the building. We use lightning protection systems that are endorsed by AS1768 and can efficiently prevent and lessen lightning strike damage to buildings. They will intercept a strike so if lightning hits the building, the lightning rod will be hit first, causing the strike to be conducted through the wire and pass through the ground safely. If you are considering building a new house or your house doesn’t have lightning protection installed. Feel free to book this service by calling 1300 023 883 or Send A Quote and we can get back to you on time!

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