Electricity Faults

Electricity Faults

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Are you getting afraid that you won’t be able to work, cook, get cool air or wash your clothes because of an electrical fault? Maybe you were wondering, what kind of electrical faults could’ve led to a power outage in your house? Here are some of them; -Power surge, happens when there is an increase in electrical voltage which led to an insufficient power supply. It happens when you have plugged more electrical appliances and -Short circuit, happens when the electric current does not pass through all the wiring, and instead, chooses a shorter route.

If electrical faults aren’t fixed they could results in serious issues as; – They can damage electric devices like TV, Heaters, and AC – They can cause serious injuries, including death – They can damage facilities like buildings, furniture, etc. – They can lead to huge monetary loss Electric faults can be prevented by using proper fault protection devices at the mains board of your house. A well-trained technician can pay a visit to you and inspect possible electrical faults and advise you how they can be fixed. You don’t need to wait until red flags to appear to install these electrical protection devices. Book us now and we will send a technician right to your door.

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