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Access Control

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In today’s world, security is a number one priority for your business or home. From ensuring that your family or staffs are safe to the protection of your assets; technology has revolutionised the way we control and manage resources and properties. At the intersection between people and access to resources, there are access control systems. Access control systems offer a technology that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It involves a selective restriction of access to a particular place, building, room, resource, or installation. To gain access to a restricted location, an individual generally needs to have authorization or to be given permission to enter by someone that already has authorization.

Here’s why you need access control systems for your residential/commercial needs; – Get rid of traditional keys. Access control allows you to set up user codes for people who are authorised to enter your property. In this way, you can avoid sharing keys and wonder where they will end up. – Save money and energy. With the access control systems, we don’t need security guards as they can seamlessly verify a person’s identity. Also, they can be integrated with lighting, heating, and cooling systems so that they can turn on lights or adjust temperatures by detecting whether there are people in a room or not. – Keep track of who comes and goes. They help to collect data on who enters and exits specific buildings or offices, when, and how often. – Reducing vandalism. They let you secure various access points in your building including primary entry and exit points, build perimeters, parking garages, elevators, closets, workstations, etc. – Reducing workplace hazards and create a safe work environment – They help to restrict and eliminate unauthorised access. Through access control systems, you can properly secure your remote sites and give access to certain people to certain areas in your facility.   Examples of access control systems are;

  • Entrance and exits doors of warehouse areas secured with access control
  • Access control and monitoring to prevent visitors from roaming the warehouse
  • Alarm/intrusion detection system to monitoring malicious activity and access
  • Inspection and control of vehicles entering and exiting the site
  • Access control lists for digital assets and systems preventing unauthorised access
  • Effective onboarding and off-boarding of employees
  • Network and internet intrusion detection

We offer a wide range of access control services for commercial and residential properties. We can install and construct these access control systems that can fit your needs (whether role-based, discretionary, or mandatory). When it comes to providing the best access control system services be it for commercial or residential properties, we tailor access control systems to you and cater to clients in Australia.

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